The Reach, a bastion of culture and knightly values. Ever since the age of heroes it has been the most fertile region in Westeros. It is the second largest of all the kingdoms behind The North, it is considered to be the most heavily populated of all the Kingdoms.

The Reach is considered the home of chivalry by many of those in Westeros, tournaments and knights abound in the green lands fed by the Mander. Originally ruled by the Kings of the Reach, the region is now ruled by House Tyrell ever since they first bent the knee to Aegon I Targaryen during the first War of Conquest.

Recent Events

Third Century AC

300-301AC - The Second War of Conquest

In the Second War of Conquest the Reach declared for Aegon Targaryen, Lord Randyll Tarly assisted Aegon in the siege of King's Landing. For much of the beginning of the war, the Reach remained untouched, yet that was not to last. As Euron Greyjoy brought his forces to bear against the Reach, namely the Arbor, Lord Mace Tyrell attempted to beat back the Reavers of the Iron Islands. His folly was quickly revealed as Euron moved on Oldtown rather than the Arbor. The raiders flooded throughout the region, pillaging their way through the land.

Lord Fowler brought men from Dorne to fight back the Ironborn menace, their assistance as well as turmoil in the Iron Islands led to Euron's retreat from Oldtown down the Whispering Sound. Soon after, the Reach saw dragonfire again as Daenarys burned the fleet atop Drogon.

This more than anything reaffirmed the loyalty of the Reach and House Tyrell to the Targaryens. With the Ironborn Menace pushed back, the Reach was at peace once more.

321AC - The Second War of the Kraken

Urras the Bane brought his wrath upon the Reach, sacking Honeyholt and attempting to siege both Brightwater Keep. After Garlan Tyrell and the Tyrell forces beat back the invaders, they moved to siege Highgarden. The Golden Company arrived in time to push them back to the sea, where the Ironborn met the full force of the Redwyne fleet. Urras the Bane perished upon the sword of Aemon Steelsong.

346-349AC - The Southern Schism

Much of the Schism took place in the Reach. As the Most Devout moved from King's Landing to Oldtown, and tensions reached a boiling point, fighting could be found across the entire region. Those who still believed in the Baelorian obedience, the minority, clashed against those who found themselves following the Starry Septon.

Riots were commonplace throughout the region as Septon Illifer became the High Septon of King's Landing. His militaristic views led to much of the faith being armed, never officially. Tumbleton especially found itself in the midst of turmoil.

The Reach is full of those who follow the Starry Rites. The seven pointed star can often be seen worn around the neck of nobles and smallfolk alike. The excess of some lords still causes some trouble across the region, yet the issues are few and far between.

391-394AC The Great Famine

In the years after the Schism the Reach was in relative peace and prosperity. However, an unexpected coldsnap killed much of the crop in the Reach. Many died due to starvation in a region usually abundant in food stores. Many were unsettled by this change of events. Houses not used to rationing to survive had to prepare themselves for nearly three years before food stores returned to their normal fills.

Fourth Century AC

402-405AC - The Scarlet Winter

Easily the worst winter in recent history, when the white ravens flew from the Citadel even the Reach shuddered. Snows had often fallen throughout much of the Reach, yet when snows reached Oldtown much of the Reach was concerned. The fears were quickly affirmed as the Mander froze. While many other rivers throughout Westeros froze, none as much as the Mander.

Trade was hardly slowed, at least not more than winter usually did. The Mander was frozen so thoroughly men could walk across it with carts drawn by oxen. Many a frost fair were held along the Mander and even atop it. However things were hardly merry. As always, the region was prepared for winter. Extensive foodstores prevented much starvation as many other regions felt, yet the smallfolk still froze. The Tyrells did what they could, such as hosting the frost fairs, but many people still died.

The Reach didn't see many Essosi refugees during the winter, however some found their way in hopes the fertile land would provide food and warmth. The Reachlanders felt many of the same concerns as the rest of Westeros, the Essosi were viewed with distrust and in some cases, outright hate. Riots broke out in Oldtown, Tumbleton and Highgarden as Garlan Warmaker waged his wars.

The Reach was one of the first regions to begin to thaw, warmth was finally beginning to return to the region when the Night with No Moon happened. As the bastion for many of the Starry Rites followers, there was much concern in the Reach that Winter wasn't over and the moon was a sign of the Winter returning. The fears were quickly allayed as Winter receded. But the event is still remembered, many people wondering what happened to the moon that night.

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