Extending from Crackclaw Point in the north toward the mighty Blackwater Rush and the Kingswood in the south, the Crownlands is sworn directly to the Iron Throne. Home to ancient castles and even more ancient lineages, the people of this region are known to be industrious. Nearly every type of craft or trade are practiced in the lands about the sprawling city of King's Landing, while vessels both foreign and domestic bring trade from the far corners of known world.

While smaller than the other regions of Westeros, and with a far less unified history, the Crownlands are often some of the most stalwart supporters of the Iron Throne, having been among the first to bend the knee to Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters. Home to such noble lines as Velaryon, Celtigar, Darklyn, Sunglass, and Rambton, it is also one of the few places in the world that men and women of the Blood may be found. The dragonseeds on Dragonstone may possess some of the very last bloodties to the dragonlords of old, though House Targaryen still holds the final claim to that title, their legacy once more restored.


Third Century AC

300-301AC - The Second War of Conquest

Already ravaged by the War of the Five Kings, the Crownlands was ill-prepared to face off against the newly-arrived armies of Aegon VI Targaryen. Quickly King's Landing was placed under siege, holding out only through sheer brutality and the stubbornness of its Queen Mother. It would fall regardless, in the end, yielding to the triumphant king.

Dragonstone was taken by Queen Daenerys Targaryen, whose dragons made all resistance futile. Her return, and the fall of the capital, marked the end of all resistance. The lords of the Crownlands one by one bent the knee.

335AC - The Red God Revival 

Many of the refugees who would come to Westeros from the east eventually made their way to the capital, preferring to keep with the metropolitan life they knew. The arrival of hundreds of red god followers shifted the balance somewhat in King's Landing, attempts to integrate and assimilate these new arrivals often offset by general feelings of suspicion and distrust.

339AC - The Summer Sickness 

The Crownlands were one of the heavily affected regions of the Seven Kingdoms, with King's Landing and Duskendale suffering most grievously. Though the islands of the region - Claw Isle, Driftmark, Dragonstone, and others - escaped the effects of the plague, there were few in the Crownlands who did not lose someone, and none who did not know someone who had lost.

346AC - the Southern Schism 

Main Article: The Southern Schism

The Southern Schism largely centered upon the Crownlands; namely, the presence of the High Septon in King's Landing and his penchant for extravagance and luxury. Many Crownlanders grew defensive of the clergy in Baelor's Sept, refusing to acknowledge the authority of the Starry Septon in Oldtown.

351-356AC - The Mead Summer 

The Mead Summer had fantastic effects upon the Crownlands, proving one of the most prosperous and peaceful seasons in living memory.

352AC - The Blackwater Tourney 

Organized by King Aenar I Targaryen, the Blackwater Tourney took place just outside King's Landing, and saw knights and nobles from across the Crownlands, as well as all the realm.

360AC - The Royal Tour 

In 360AC Crown Prince Aenys Targaryen departed along with a large host of royal courtiers, intent upon touring the realm he would one day rule. Stopping briefly at a few castles in the Crownlands, where his presnece was already largely known, he traveled northward to the Vale, beginning his long journey.

379AC - The Kingswood Tourney 

Organized by King Aenar I Targaryen, the Kingswood Tourney took place just outside King's Landing, and saw knights and nobles from across the Crownlands, as well as all the realm.

392-394AC - The Great Famine 

The Great Famine greatly affected the capital, where prices soared beyond normal means. King Aenar's efforts to alleviate the hardship won him the love and respect of his people, his shrewd stewardship from previous years doing much to curb what many maesters attest could have been a much more dire disaster.

396-402AC - The War of the Three Thieves

The Crownlands of course answered the call during the War of the Three Thieves.

Fourth Century AC

402-405AC - The Scarlet Winter

The Scarlet Winter saw the ports of King's Landing freeze over, halting trade and travel both and cutting off the capital from the sea. The hardships brought on by this event led in part to the chaos of the Warmaker's Peace, which drove many of the refugees who had arrived in previous years to conflict, or to return to their homes across the Narrow Sea.

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