The Seven Kingdoms is a realm located on the continent of Westeros, ruled by the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, the king who sits on the Iron Throne in the capital city, King's Landing. The name derives from the situation three centuries ago when Aegon the Conqueror set to unite the lands of Westeros, which then contained seven independent realms. The new realm created from Aegon's Conquest contains eight distinct regions or provinces.

The Line of Kings

Aerys II Targaryen, “the Mad King”, 262 A.C. - 283 A.C.

Robert Baratheon, “the Usurper”, 283 A.C. - 298 A.C.

Joffrey Waters, “the Illborn”, 298 A.C. - 300 A.C.

Tommen Waters, 300 A.C. - 301 A.C.

Aegon VI and Daenerys I, 301 A.C. - 325 A.C.

Rhaegar I Targaryen, 325 A.C. - 344 A.C.

Aenar I Targaryen, 344 A.C. - 407 A.C.

Visaera I Targaryen, 407 A.C. - 420 A.C.

Rhaegar II Targaryen, 420 A.C. - 434 A.C.

Aegon VII Targaryen, 434 A.C. - Present

The Current Royal Family

Living Members

Of these royal scions, the bolded currently ride dragons.

The scions of King Rhaegar II Targaryen:

  • m. Visenya Silvermoon, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms b. 408 A.C.
    • Daeron Targaryen, Prince of the Seven Kingdoms b. 431 A.C.
    • Elaena Targaryen, Princess of the Seven Kingdoms
    • Valerion Targaryen, Prince of the Seven Kingdoms
  • m. Rhaenyra Targaryen, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms b. 408 A.C.
    • Viserys Targaryen, Prince of the Seven Kingdoms b. 431 A.C.
  • Aerion Targaryen, Prince of Summerhall b. 412 A.C.
  • m. Elyana Dayne b. 412 A.C.
  • Baelor Targaryen, Prince of the Seven Kingdoms b. 415 A.C.
  • m. Aemma Arryn b. 415 A.C.
  • Daemon Targaryen, Prince of the Seven Kingdoms b. 417 A.C.
  • Naerys Targaryen, Princess of the Seven Kingdoms b. 418 A.C.

The scions of Queen Visaera I Targaryen & Prince-Consort Corlys Velaryon:

The line of Maekar Targaryen:

Claims Upon the Throne

  • House Baratheon
  • House Velaryon

Positions in the Seven Kingdoms

Main Article: The Small Council

Beside the nobility of Westeros, who hold titles that are hereditary and pass from father to son, the Small Council holds much of the power in the Kingdom, aiding the King in his rule. These (traditionally) seven councilmen are aided by a host of supporters, the greatest of which are listed below:

  • Hand of the King
    • Captain of the Hand's Guard
    • Steward
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Master of coin - head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom.
    • Harbourmaster of King's Landing
    • Keeper of the Books
    • Keepers of the Keys
    • King's Counter
    • King's Scales
  • Master of laws - oversees law and justice for the kingdom.
    • High Reeve
    • High Bailiff
    • King's Justice
    • Justicair
  • Master of whisperers - the spymaster, and the head of intelligence.
    • Informants and spies
  • Master of ships - oversees the navy.
    • Commander of the Sea Watch
    • Royal Shipwright
    • Royal Captains
  • Grand Maester - head adviser on matters of lore and wisdom.

Great Lords

Beneath the King are the Great Lords of the realm, who serve as his vassals. Each of these have vassals of their own, great and small, who swear ancient oaths of fealty to their liege lords. The current Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms are as follows:

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