King Rhaegar I Targaryen was the King on the Iron Throne from the 325 to 344AC. He was born to Aegon VI and Daenerys I, and named for Prince Rhaegar who fell to Robert Baratheon during Robert’s Rebellion.

Appearance and Character Edit

By most accounts Rhaegar was a friendly, passionate man, with few traits that one might mark as dominant. He was a dreamer, desiring from a young age to see House Targaryen brought to new heights of splendor and glory. Despite this he remained fairly prudent, and ruled with a steady hand.

History Edit

Rhaegar bonded with the first dragon born of Viserion's clutch. The young prince eventually named the dragon Urrax, in homage to one of his favorite legends.  

Whilst he was still young, Rhaegar urged his father and mother to begin the restoration of Summerhall. As the heir apparent, Rhaegar would never need the royal residence as a seat of his own - but the legacy of it was one that he wished to preserve, and the connection between it and his name was not lost upon him. Rhaegar would eventually oversee the completion of this task, after he ascended to the throne in the year 325AC.

Rhaegar was wed to Queen Olenna Tyrell, the daughter of Lord Willas Tyrell of Highgarden. A fair, wise woman, she pleased many, and the match was a happy one.

In later years, Rhaegar was forced to take action against his brother, when Baelon's ambitions in the east brought fire and blood to the shores of Westeros. The War in the Narrows saw Baelon cast down, defeated in the last by the hero Peremore Vance, but the wounds that Urrax took in the fighting would eventually lead to his death.

The king would not take another mount, mourning the loss of his long-time companion deeply. So it came to be that during the Intercession in the North, he sent his son and heir Aenar rather than traveling himself.

Death Edit

King Rhaegar Targaryen, first of his name, died in the year 344AC at the young age of six and thirty. Caught in the grips of the Summer Sickness, his death marked the beginning of the decline of the plague. Upon his passing, his eldest son and heir, Aenar, ascended the throne as King Aenar I.

Legacy Edit

Rhaegar is often seen as a king of middling ability, most likely because of his position between the heroic reigns of his parents and the long, prosperous reign of his son. He was by no means a terrible king, but his early death barred him from achieving any of the great acts he often dreamed of.

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