House Baratheon is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal lords of the Stormlands. Descended from Aegon Targaryen's chief general and rumoured half brother Orys Baratheon, they have ruled since the Conquest, when Orys took as a wife the daughter of the last Storm King.

Their sigil is the same as that of House Durrandon, the previous rulers of Storm's End; a black stag upon a golden field. Members of the family tend to be tall and well-built, with black hair and blue eyes.

The current head of the house is Lord Gwayne Baratheon.

History Edit

Third Century AC Edit

300-301AC - The Second War of Conquest Edit

House Baratheon was devastated during the War of the Five Kings and the subsequent Second Conquest. Most agree that Joffery, Tommen, and Myrcella Baratheon were in truth bastards born of incest, thus leaving only Shireen Baratheon as a living scion of that old and revered house.

After her return from Castle Black, many were unsure what would become of her. Dragonstone, of course, had already fallen to House Targaryen, and Storm's End was occupied by men loyal to House Baratheon. Aegon, however, swore that he was not the sort of man to do to an innocent girl what had been done to his sister, and the common-born babe who had been put in his place. Shireen, Aegon swore, would not die for the sins of her father and uncles; indeed, she would instead serve to continue their line, so long as she could serve faithfully.

At the same time, Varys reached out across the Narrow Sea to draw Edric Storm and his protectors back from Lys, promising safety and peace. Wary at first, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon did eventually make his way over; and at the behest of the King of the Seven Kingdoms, bent the knee in exchange for his father's lands and titles. Wedding Shireen, the united lines of House Baratheon thus mirrored the marriage of Orys Baratheon and Argella Durrandon three hundred years before, united and appointed by yet another Aegon Targaryen, who would come to be known as the Conqueror.

318AC - The Restoration of Summerhall Begins Edit

As years of peace stretched on, House Targaryen sought to restore its legacy to the heights of years long past. Part of this effort lay in the rebuilding of Summerhall; an act that Lord Edric readily agreed to in order to cement relations with House Targaryen. His successor, Lord Ormund Baratheon, would grumble over his father's decision later on, thinking it hurting the autonomy of House Baratheon as a result of the decision to let them rebuild it.

346AC - The Southern Schism Edit

During the early days of the Schism, Ormund and the House Baratheon remained ostensibly upon the side of the Baelorian High Septon. The proximity of House Baratheon to the capital, as well as past marriages between the Targaryens and the Baratheons, made opposing their ancient marriage practices a less-than prudent choice of politics. Despite this, the Baratheons distanced themselves for vocally supporting the practice of incest, instead choosing to make vocal their support for the High Septon over any practices of the Targaryens he might endorse.

Ormund and his successor, Seryse, would both be known for their harsh impositions on the followers of the Starry Faith, often persecuting them until they converted or otherwise making examples of them when they broke the law. Whenever there was a case of law brought against the Starry Faithful, Lord Ormund ruled against them.

351-356AC - The Mead Summer Edit

House Baratheon experienced the prosperity and peace of the Mead Summer, the benefits of it felt not only in Storm's End, but across the Stormlands.

352AC - The Blackwater Tourney Edit

The banners of House Baratheon were seen at the Blackwater Tourney. Lord Ormund Baratheon participated himself.

360AC - The Royal Tour Edit

When the Crown Prince Aenys Targaryen and several members of the royal court traveled the realm in the year 360AC, part of their journey saw them stop in Storm's End to meet with the Lady Seryse Baratheon.

379AC - The Kingswood Tourney Edit

The banners of House Baratheon were seen at the Kingswood Tourney.

396-402AC - The War of the Three Thieves Edit

House Baratheon participated in the War of the Three Thieves, answering the call of House Targaryen before any of the other Great Houses. When Aenar first traveled south to contest what he thought would be a minor petty king in the Stepstones, he did so with a portion of the royal fleet and several score ships from the Stormlands, led by the Lady Seryse Baratheon personally. Many of these were lost in the ensuing fighting, though they would later be replaced by vessels captured in the fighting, or rebuilt with the aid of the Crown. However, after that she was forced by her vassals to relinquish some control to her son and heir Gwayne. She would blame and resent him for the rest of her life.

Fourth Century AC Edit

402-405AC - The Scarlet Winter Edit

House Baratheon witnessed the events of the Scarlet Winter, most especially the Night with No Moon. For many of these years, the storms of Shipbreaker's Bay proved more fierce and savage than usual. Gwayne Baratheon would do his best to see to it that fish from the sea were caught and distributed across the Stormlands, although his mother would take credit for this.

Also notable was that the villages and towns sworn to Storm's End ate rather well, with Gwayne often sending the scraps off the table of his mother to them. The 'scraps' were often more than capable of feeding well more than there were people to eat them in the castle.

407-408AC - Mummer's War Edit

During the Mummer's War, House Baratheon under Lord Gwayne supported Visaera Targaryen. As a result, the Lord was married to Princess Aelinor Targaryen, and he raised his banners, providing Rhaenys Targaryen, the technical commander of the force, the army she would bring with her into the Reach. Gwayne would be present at the surrenders at Bitterbridge and Highgarden.

408-418AC Edit

House Baratheon suffered a tragic loss when the child of Gwayne and Aelinor was born stillborn. However, its futures were brightened with the birth of three healthy babes- Laena, Robar, and Lyonel. With them, the future of the House was secured. During this time, the knightly Order of the Red Antler was formed to serve the Lord Baratheon and attempt to heighten the chivalric culture of the Stormlands and encourage knights to behave honorably.

During this time House Baratheon began an extensive patronage of the arts, with new songs and performances by mummers being staged in their honor. Encouraging his vassals to do similarly, Gwayne subtly increased the cultural impact of the Stormlands, with Storm's End being a hub of chivalry and song.

418-438 AC Edit

Recent History Edit

Members of House Baratheon Edit

Family Members Edit

  • Gwayne Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End (406 AC - Present)
    • Aelinor Targaryen, Lady of Storm's End and Princess of the Seven Kingdoms
      • Laena Baratheon, their daughter
      • Robar Baratheon, Heir to Storm's End
      • Lyonel Baratheon, their son
      • Edric Baratheon, their son
  • Davos Baratheon
    • Lysa Baratheon (nee Tyrell)
      • Bryce Baratheon
      • Rolland Baratheon
      • Cyrenna Baratheon
      • Marya Baratheon
  • Argella Baratheon
    • Rodrik Connington
  • Errec Baratheon
  • Luthor Baratheon, Former Lord of Storm's End by marriage
  • Morden Storm
  • Myrcella Baratheon
  • Edgar Baratheon
  • Jocelyn Wylde (nee Baratheon)
  • Argilac Baratheon
  • Borros Baratheon
  • Septa Alyssane

Past Members Edit

  • Edric Storm, legitimized by King Aegon VI as Edric Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End (301 AC- 342 AC)
  • Shireen Baratheon, Lady of Storm's End
  • Ormund Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End (342 AC - 359 AC)
  • Brienne Baratheon, Lady of Storm's End
  • Seryse Baratheon, Ruling Lady of Storm's End (359 AC - 406 AC)
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