Gwayne is the Lord of Storm's End and Head of House Baratheon. He ascended to the title at the age of two and twenty after the death of his mother, Seryse Baratheon, to a fever. Gwayne has ruled the Stormlands for over three decades, and proved himself an able and just lord.

Appearance and Character Edit

Gwayne stands at 6'6, bearing all of the signature traits of the House Baratheon. He is tall, black of hair (although it has begun to grey), and blue of eye. He is built much like his ancestor, Robert Baratheon, and is noted for being physically overbearing.

Gwayne is firmly on the side of good, being noted for his morality by many. He is a capable leader on and off the field, listening to his men and taking their opinion into account while also following through with what he believes will ultimately be the best for them. He withholds himself in battle, choosing to wait to see where he is needed most before committing himself and his elite retainers to the fight.

Gwayne is polite and kind to those he meets. However he is lacking in charisma, since the stillborn birth of his first child he has become somewhat quiet by nature. He is pious to a degree, and is fairly quick to follow most tenants of the Faith.

Ever since the events of the Second Hammer Uprising, Gwayne has become known for losing his previous approach of a "silk glove", preferring to pro-offer both that and an "iron gauntlet" in his approach to dealing with his vassals. Rewarding to those who follow him loyally and destroying those who betray him, he is not the same Lord that ascended all those years ago.

Early Life Edit

Gwayne's upbringing wasn't to be desired. Despite his status as heir, his mother always had favored his younger brother Davos and showered on him all of the things one would expect to give to their successor- the best tutors, the best books, the best swords. Despite this, Gwayne did his best to attempt to keep up by using what his brother got and achieved a sort of mediocrity.

Gwayne was notable in that in many ways, he didn't behave like a Baratheon. As a child he was notably quiet and always looked to authority figures, waiting for permission before he ever did anything. He enjoyed playing as most children do, but he never overstepped. He was very rarely injured.

Growing up, his brother Davos was always his best friend although he had come four years after him. Davos too was a bit peculiar for a Baratheon- he was emotional and had a tendency to cry, and his love was not for war but books and numbers. Nevertheless, the two made quite a good pair and it was often remarked within the walls that where Gwayne looked to Seryse, Davos looked to Gwayne. Their sister Argella followed three years later, and brother Errec another year after that. Argella was the proper lady, but also excitable and energetic, always eager. Errec was the Baratheon Seryse had always wanted for an heir, but alas he was third in line. Unless, of course, something could be done with the other two...

As Gwayne grew up, his father was always somewhat distant, coming in when it suited him, and his mother was always either busy or pampering his youngest brother. This left him susceptible to the influence of his dishonorable uncle Padriac. Acting as a father figure to the young man, Padriac has managed to worm his way back into Storm's End through him.

Gwayne was squired at the age of two and ten to Perceon Vance, and fought with him during the War of the Three Thieves. At the Grey Gallows, he fought alongside him and did his best to rally the troops. As a burst of flame from the dragons came forward, Gwayne saved a Knight from the flames who, out of thanks, immediately recommended to Vance that he be Knighted. He was six and ten. After that, he assisted his mother in wrapping up the war, much to her chagrin.

During the Scarlet Winter Gwayne found himself stuck indoors most of the time due to the increasingly violent storms. However, he assisted his mother and her advisors in trying to attract traders from Dorne. He publicly discouraged the banditry done by his countrymen, although he was annoyed when his mother remained quiet on the same matter. It was he who instructed the Marcher lords to deal with their smallfolk, rather than his mother as it should have been.

As Gwayne returned to Storm's End, he immediately found himself on the receiving end of his mother's intrigues. Her plots to disinherit him became known throughout the castle, and her japes about his part in the War were largely insulting. Gwayne tried his best to prove her wrong but ultimately would have failed and been displaced had his mother not taken ill with a fever and died.

Gwayne took command of Storm's End upon the death of his mother, as was just. He immediately found that the knights and ladies of the court, and even his own father, had no intention of letting him rule as he wished. He would have to make a name for himself somehow and prove that it was he who was the true Lord Baratheon.

And what better way to do that than a tourney?


Gwayne Baratheon, by Talarasha.

407 AC Edit

Gwayne participated in the melee and joust at Harrenhal. While making it to the final eight in the melee, he withdrew from the joust after the accidental killing of Ser Brus Wayn and the following events. Upon his return to King's Landing, Gwayne was informed of the betrayal of his uncle Padriac. With the aid of the Sword of the Morning and Captain-General of the Golden Company, he hopes to retake his home. Before he was able to leave however he was married to Princess Aelinor Targaryen.

When Gwayne got to Storm's End, he and his party successfully slipped by the gates without revealing their identities. During a feast that Padriac threw in the honor of his guest, Ser Aron Dayne, Gwayne went and spoke with his captured father to confirm the events that had come to pass. Soon enough, however, they were in the courtyard preparing to "leave". After revealing themselves, Padriac insisted that he and his nephew duel, which Gwayne refused. Ser Alester Steelsong, however, stepped forward in his place, fighting the duel valiantly until his death due to the intervention of a crossbowman. Gwayne ordered his much larger group of men forward, and Padriac was captured. He was Lord of Storm's End once more.

Gwayne was soon summoned by Queen Visaera Targaryen to the capital. There, he attended a strategy meeting with many of the greatest military minds in the realm. Along the way, he also picked up a few friends- Justin Massey and Ronnet Gaunt. The Sword of the Morning, Aron Dayne, even swore him his sword. After a disagreement with his wife, the two reconciled, and he even overcame his fear of dragons in order to attempt to repair the relationship.

After his visit to the capital, he raised the levy of the Stormlands and took control of an army almost twenty thousand strong, leading them to Bitterbridge where he received the surrender of Caswell, before marching on to Highgarden. The Tyrells and Hightowers were quick to bend the knee as a result of the massive force which had assembled there, of Dornishmen, Stormlanders, and Westermen. The "war" was over. On the way back to the capital, he betrothed his brother to the sister of Gareth Tyrell, Lysa.

408 AC - 418 AC Edit

At first, things seemed to be going well for Gwayne. He was overjoyed to learn that his wife was pregnant with their child. During this time Gwayne, unsatisfied with the current state of the Stormlandic chivalry, founded the Order of the Red Antler. Its purpose was simple by nature- promote chivalry in the Stormlands and assist with Gwayne's new project. In order to build a uniquely Stormlandic identity in Westeros, Gwayne patroned the arts. Mummers, bards, and many more traveled to Storm's End to ply their trade and receive funding from the Stag Lord.

However, tragedy struck in the seventh moon. Aelinor's child was stillborn, and Gwayne knew loss. Whereas once he had an abundance of energy and diligence, he became morose and quiet, often allowing the Knights of the Red Antler to hold court for him as he sat slumped in his chair. Over time he would regain that energy, but he would never again be so quick to start a conversation, and many who meet him would remark on how he seemed to prioritize listening over speaking. However, he did his best to put on a brave face for the sake of his wife, who he knew was suffering as much as he was, if not more.

In 410 AC, Gwayne was overjoyed to learn that Aelinor was pregnant once more. However, the memories of what happened to their last child never left him, and he fretted his way through seven moons until his wife finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl. In honor of a woman he didn't know, they named her Laena.

With the birth of his daughter, Gwayne regained a bit of his old vitality, decisively taking control of his courts once more, and continuing his patronage of the arts. He attempts to be more social as well, but ultimately that obstacle is insurmountable for him. He contents himself with his work.

In the Ninth Moon of 412 AC, Gwayne was once again graced with the news of his wife's pregnancy. This time, she gave birth to a boy. Robar Baratheon, a healthy young babe. Gwayne would delight in teaching the young lad as he got older, as he shortly became his favorite child, although he certainly did not lack affection for his daughter.

When his wife became the Mistress of Whisperers in 416 AC, Gwayne was hit hard at first. They had spent much time together over the previous years, and he had come to love his silver-haired wife. But with the help of his son, as well as frequent visits from Aelinor and from him to the capital, he managed to accept the circumstances. On one of these visits that year, his wife became pregnant by him, giving birth to another boy the following year during the second Moon. As Laena lived with her mother in the capital, the boys lived with Gwayne in Storm's End. His life, it seemed to him, was complete. Now if only he could work on his charisma...

418-438 AC Edit

In 418 AC, Gwayne's focus was centered on dealing with the Red Faith, as his sister Argella had converted much of the population of the Stormlands, and it began to creep in from the south. Starting in Storm's End, he led a fairly successful conversion effort and got many of his people to honor the Seven once more. Sending messages to the lords of the Rainwood, he also asked that they begin efforts of their own to drive out the Red Faith with words, to large success.

Eventually, he learned of the pregnancy of his wife, Aelinor. Overjoyed at the prospect of another child, he prepared another room and bought more toys and books for the babe. Together, he and Aelinor were happily choosing names. And then finally, the day was there. She gave birth to another, healthy boy. But in the process she was weakened- her body was not able to hold the strain of the birth.

Aelinor Targaryen passed on as a result of childbirth in 419 AC. Gwayne named their son Edric.

Although heartbroken over the loss of his wife, Gwayne struggled to keep on. Suffering from severe depression he internalized everything he felt and presented a facade to the world that the Lord of Storm's End was just as he always was. He couldn't let any potential enemies see how he was inside, nor could he allow his sons to see anything less than his best. It was only in his brother, Davos, that Gwayne confided his feelings. It was because of him that he survived.

Ruling justly over the years, Gwayne ruled through winter and spring, summer and autumn. All under the Stag respected him- even Lady Ravella Swann. However, respect was not enough to keep her fanaticism from becoming rebellion. In 432 AC, Robar Baratheon, heir to Storm's End, and Gwayne's brother Davos were taken hostage by her. His youngest son, crippled. There was little he could do with her holding his family, but nonetheless, Gwayne called his banners. He would not let an opportunity go to waste if there was one. His fury was ignited then, overpowering his own sorrow.

When Prince Aegon Targaryen finally arrived, Gwayne readily marched on Griffin's Roost and liberated it from Warsmith hands. Taking into custody Ser Meryn Swann, commander of the garrison, he successfully negotiated the release of his heir, Robar, who had been brutally tortured over his imprisonment. Lady Ravella made a promise then, that shook in Gwayne's ears- if a dragon was sighted over Stonehelm, his brother would be returned to him in pieces.

The next years were spent fighting the guerilla tactics of the Warsmiths in the Rainwood. Although there were minor victories aplenty, the battle there was only won when Aegon set ablaze part of the Rainwood, and forced many of the Warsmiths out. Tailing Ser Meryn and the largest portion to Weeping Town, Gwayne laid siege to the settlement. In the fight, although frightened out of his mind and close to tears, Robar slew Ser Meryn in single combat, causing the garrison to surrender. Gwayne couldn't be more proud.

When finally cornering Ravella in Stonehelm, Aegon made the mistake of allowing his dragon to be seen. Her surrender was given alongside a crate. When Gwayne opened it, he found the remains of his brother. The man who helped him all these years.

Aegon did not allow Gwayne justice, he did not allow him his vengeance. Aegon took Ravella back to King's Landing and left Gwayne with nothing else. So, he did what he could to achieve justice on his own. Initiating a purge of the lords who had supported the Warsmiths, he sentenced many to death by hanging, as though common criminals, in exchange for their lines continuing. This event came to be known as the Stag's Scales.

With many years before him, the eyes of Gwayne are no longer softened by mercy. His fury burned him from depression, but that does not stop the fact that he is no longer who he once was. With a deep hatred of the King, Gwayne stands in opposition to the monarch. Only time can tell who he supports in the coming Dance, if anyone.

Family Edit

  • Aelinor Targaryen, Mistress of Whisperers and Lady of Storm's End
    • Laena Baratheon, Their daughter
    • Robar Baratheon, Their son and heir
    • Lyonel Baratheon, Their son
    • Edric Baratheon, their son
  • Ser Davos Baratheon, Castellan of Storm's End, brother to Gwayne
    • Lady Lysa Baratheon (nee Tyrell)
      • Bryce Baratheon
      • Rolland Baratheon
      • Cyrenna Baratheon
      • Marya Baratheon
  • Argella Connington, Sister to Gwayne
    • Lord Rodrik Connington
  • Errec Baratheon, Brother to Gwayne. Serving with Lyle Bracken in Essos.
  • Ser Luthor Tyrell, Former Lord Consort of Storm's End, Father to Gwayne
    • Lady Jeyne Tyrell (nee Morrigen)
  • Myrcella Baratheon, Aunt to Gwayne
  • Padraic Baratheon, Uncle to Gwayne. Disinherited for his dishonorable behavior.
    • Other Baratheons of the lines of Jaime and Ronnel Baratheon.

Household and NPCs Edit

Castellan - Ser Davos Baratheon

Steward - Ser Luthor Tyrell

Junior Steward - Ser Qyle, Knight of the Red Antler

Master-at-arms - Ser Darron

Septon - Septon Renly

Septa - Septa Ryella

Maester - Maester Selwyn

House Guard:

Head of the Guard - Brynden

Constable - Ser Ronnet Gaunt

Sheriff - Ser Maldon Massey

Gatekeeper - Hugor

Gaoler - Yonnel


Head Cook - Trystane

Master Blacksmith - Allard

Master of Horse - Ser Beric

Keeper of the Mews - [Also known as head falconer.] Gawen

Keeper of the Kennels - Arstan

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