Damion Tully is the Lord of Riverrun and the youngest and last child of Lord Brandon Tully and his mistress, Sanelle Bracken. He is the half-brother of Lady Berena Tully and has served in the Goldcloaks for a large part of his life. He is the husband of Rhialta Vance and through her has six children.

Appearance and Character

Standing just short of six feet, Damion Tully is an attractive man with average height. He has eyes of dark caramel that glisten in the light, a strong jaw and an impetuous gaze.

Damion was a man who always dressed neatly despite his modest income. He prefers coats of vibrant colours, and always tends to look stately.

Damion is strong-willed, fiercely protective, and loyal to those close to him. He rewards those who work well underneath him, and has not shied from dark subjects when it best suits him.


Damion Rivers was born in the year 389 AC, following a short winter. As a babe, Damion was highly spirited in his pursuits. He was given the liberties of a fourth-born child – those of freedom that were not oft visited upon Serra and Landon. Despite this, Damion was a fast learner, and took to the sword quickly, training very briefly under his uncle, Ser Clarence, before being taken to King’s Landing in the year 397 AC on his father's behest.

Damion had a strong dislike for court, and would spend most of his days outside, training with the Master-at-Arms at the time. As such, he became invested in strategy and warfare, and when his elder brother went off to fight in the War of the Three Thieves, Damion took to consulting the Grand Maester on matters of war, oft wondering if he should be one of the few given such opportunities to lead in his time.

He grew out of it, as most children do, taking to the sword following the war’s conclusion. Shortly after the war, however, the Scarlet Winter approached, and Damion enlisted in the Gold Cloaks. First, as a guardsmen at the northern-most gate of the city, then as an officer. He rose through the ranks to become Commander of the Goldcloaks, before a particular spat in Flee Bottom led to his resignation from the position; he remained as an officer until 407 AC.

Recent Events

407- 418 AC

Following the death of his Lord Father in 406 AC, Damion did not return home with his brother Landon, electing to remain in King’s Landing throughout the duration of the following year. Berena Tully eventually made her way to King’s Landing, and after reuniting with his sister, he promised that he would aid her in any way he could. She sent him to Duskendale thereafter to look for a woman named Elinor Vance.

His search led nowhere, and Damion returned to King’s Landing. He was informed thereafter that his sister had died during the Encounter at Massey’s Hook, and that he was to wed Rhialta Vance once he was legitimized as Lord Damion Tully, Lord of Riverrun.  

The events that followed would cement Damion's position in the Trident for the following years. Joined by his to-be father-in-law, Perceon Vance, Damion took to Riverrun with six-thousand men, and joined the Westerlanders in a siege that lasted only as long as it took Damion to arrive.  

Once the siege was lifted, Damion had any commanding officers inside Riverrun executed. Their refusal to bend to the whims of the Queen was well enough, and Damion had long since decided that anyone who had served his brother was far gone from any moral high ground.   

Joining the Westermen in several small war councils, it was decided that the Westermen would remain behind at Riverrun, though not at Lord Damion's behest. He would cite their cowardice several times in the future, sowing distrust between him and his Western counterparts. Damion went ahead to Stone Hedge, joined Lord Perceon's forces at Harrenhal once again, and made way for the Battle of the Fork.  

With the Mummer's War done with, Damion returned to King's Landing for a fortnight. During such time, he presented the Queen with Maegor Waters' lost blade, Dark Sister, a gift from his bastard sister, Serra, who had once been a lover of the Bastard of Dragonstone.  

In exchange for such a gift, Damion was allowed one boon. It was the legitimisation of his sister he sought, and so was Alys Rivers made Alys Tully, a Lady of Riverrun and a scion of one of the most influential houses in the Riverlands.  

Returning home shortly after, Damion held true on his promise of a council of Riverlords, holding strong his tenets of loosening tensions in the Riverlands and rebuilding after the destruction the Valemen had brought. Foremost among his decrees were that Visaera Blackwood, the woman who had imprisoned his sister unjustly, was attainted, and wanted dead or alive.  

Though no trace of them would be found, Damion found his seat heavy in the first years of his rule, counceled by fellow Rivermen. His wife proved fertile, and Damion was more pleased every time she gave him a child, each one healthier than the last.  

Theirs might've been love, and there was no lack of fondness between the two. Trusting Lady Rhialta to do much of the day-to-day running of Riverrun, much of the stress of earlier years faded as the mid-410s came and went. Especially pleased during 414 AC when Rhialta gave birth to two healthy boys, twins -- giving Riverrun four male heirs and two female.  

The line of House Tully had been restored, in the name of his sister, Berena. That did not stop him from seeking out better ways to protect them, however, most importantly establishing new contacts throughout the Riverlands, making certain that no one was beyond his sight.  

The Lord Blackwood interested him in particular, something he mused frequently about. When 418 AC came, however, it was not without reservation as the white ravens had been sent out, and winter had officially started. Insistent on keeping his wife safe, and his family, at all costs, Damion is protective, and does not lack for fatherly instinct.  

418 AC

The year 418 was tumultuous for Damion Tully. He attended the Tourney at Summerhall. He was at the side of Preston Vance when his good-brother died. This incident, combined with growing distrust between the Lord of Harrenhal and the Lord of the Trident, has led Damion to believe that Perceon Vance intended to kill Damion rather than his own son. Damion is now even further at odds with his good-father, though the distrust and unease has not been voiced.


Family Members 

  • Damion Tully, Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident, b. 389 AC,
  • His wife, Rhialta Vance.,
    • Rosalind Tully, b. 408 AC, 8th Moon,
    • Edgar Tully, b. 410 AC, 5th Moon,
    • Androw Tully, b. 412 AC, 2nd Moon,
    • Lambert & Brynden Tully, b. 414 AC, 5th Moon,
    • Melissa Tully, b. 416 AC, 8th Moon
  • His sisters, Serra and Alys Rivers, b. 379 and 386,

Past Members 

  • Edmure Tully, Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident,
  • Roslyn Frey, Lady of Riverrun,
    • Edmund Tully, Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident, d. 366 AC,
      • Alesander Tully, Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident, 333 AC, d. 366 AC,
        • Brandon Tully, Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident, b. 354 AC, d. 406 AC,
      • Roslyn Tully, b. 344, d. 404,
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