Daenerys Targaryen was the Queen of the Iron Throne and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms alongside her husband, Aegon Targaryen, from the years 302 AC after The Second War of Conquest to the year 325AC, when she willingly abdicated the throne to her son and heir, Rhaegar Targaryen. She left Westeros in 330 AC, and was not seen afterwards.


Early Life

Daenerys was born on Dragonstone, the daughter of the mad king Aerys Targaryen and his wife, Rhaella. Daenerys lived an impoverished life in Essos, until she was married to a Dothraki Khal and afterwards birthed three dragons in an event shrouded by mystery.

She made her way to Qarth thereafter, and sought to free the slaves in Slavers Bay before returning to Westeros at the head of an Unsullied army.

The Second War of Conquest

Daenerys arrived in Westeros well into the war, first arriving at Dragonstone. At the sight of her dragons, it is said, the commander of the Dragonstone Garrison, Loras Tyrell, surrendered immediately.

An offer came shortly after from Aegon Targaryen, offering her an alliance and the right to rule by his side in a dual-monarchy. Choosing to answer with action instead of words, Dany arrived at King's Landing on dragon back soon after.

Her and Aegon spoke for some time, and eventually came to an agreement. When they emerged from private, and Aegon led the dragon queen back to the Dragonpit, it is said that Rhaegal bowed his head, and from there on, the two dragons were united.

Daenerys and him secured King's Landing soon after, following the death of Queen Cersei and her son, Tommen. While Aegon set his eyes north, Daenerys set hers towards the south, the homeland of the Tyrells and the wealthiest land of all.

Euron Crows Eye had been tormenting the Reach for some time, and only with the arrival of dragons was hope restored to the allied cause. His trickery and deceit ended at the Battle of the Whispering Sound, where Euron's armies were retreating. It presented the perfect opportunity for Daenerys, armed with dragonfire, descended upon the defenceless ships of Euron Crows Eye, and burned his fleet, and the Crows Eye himself, to cinders.


Few can truly discern what kind of Queen Daenerys was once her and Aegon had consolidated their power on the Iron Throne, but she was reputable to be just, and harsh when it was called for. She held court sessions opposite of Aegon, and they ruled together with relative ease. In the year 303 AC, Daenerys gave birth to a healthy boy, which the duo named Rhaegar.

In the year 306, they had another boy, named Baelon. No further child would come of their marriage, though they were said to have stayed happy and fruitful for some time.

The year 325 struck quick and hard. Aegon was taken with a sickness, and no Maester could take it from him. He died in the sixth moon of the year, and Daenerys chose five years later to abandon King's Landing, flying across the narrow sea on her dragon Drogon.

She was reported to have been in Asshai, though reliable reports remained far and few between. Regardless, Daenerys Targaryen had left Westeros, and with it, came a new Targaryen reign.

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